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Kita No Taiko

Kita No Taiko was formed in 1987. Six people began with a passion to play Japanese Drums (Taiko) but had no drums, no costumes and only 2 very short songs.

Members are either students or people who have full-time careers outside of taiko who cherish the time they can devote to playing. The group practices two times a week all year and it is not unusual to practice more when they are preparing for a performance.

Our Mission - Maintain and enhance Taiko as a traditional art form within Canada's multicultural society.

Workshops - Kita No Taiko holds public workshops throughout the year to give anyone the opportunity to learn a little about playing taiko.

Membership - Applicants must take all levels of our workshops, and be invited to complete our apprenticeship.

Practice location:  EJCA Centre

Club contact:      Brenda Madsen,

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