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Explore Japan

The program provides Japanese students studying Japanese Language in Alberta high schools the opportunity to interactively explore Japanese culture.  Through a wide variety of activities facilitated by Japanese community members, the program enhances the understanding of Japanese culture by Alberta youth and promotes friendship and interest between Japan and Canada.  The event directly supports the learning required by the Alberta Education Japanese language curriculum and, therefore, is an invaluable experience for the students enrolled Japanese language programs taught in Alberta High schools. 


Experience in Japan

A University student who lived in Japan as an exchange student discusses his/her experience in Japan using slide pictures. He/she will talk about modern Japan, technology, life styles particularly of young people, and opportunities of exchange programs to visit Japan.

Tea Ceremony

In a room with tearoom settings, students will learn about a tea ceremony by demonstrations and workshops. Then, Japanese sweets and tea will be served to all while they learn/try Japanese manners.


After introducing professional calligraphies displayed on the wall, the presenters explain calligraphy and tools. Students practice a few kanji and own name using samples.


All students will try on Yukata (casual summer Kimono). Spots with Japanese shoji screens and cherry blossom trees are set for photo shooting. Traditional Japanese music will be played as background sound. Purikura will be set up so that studetns will also enjoy Purikura phtos.

Karate and Taiko workshop

Taiko workshop: Presenters explain about Taiko, then, demonstrate key techniques. All students will have a turn for drumming a Taiko.

Karate workshop: Instructors guide students into the "Karate world" including Karate trials.

Both Taiko and Karate demonstrate the Japanese way of behavior, i.e. politeness, concentration, and respect. Students will be introduced to these values while they enjoy practicing Taiko and Karate.

Traditional Japanese craft and games

Students will try Origami and Japanese games.

Fun activities

After students experience these topics, they will enjoy fun activities;

Manga drawings

Origami, Yo-yo game, Catching fish game, Chopstick race and    Break-out Box game.

Japanese snacks will be available.

Dates and Times

Saturday, March 9, 2019 10:00 am - 4:30 pm


The Harry Ainlay School 4350 111 St NW, Edmonton Alberta T6J 1E8

Organizing Members

Edmonton Japanese Community Association

Consulate General of Japan in Calgary

Alberta Education/Japan Foundation

Alberta Japanese Teachers Association

Edmonton Public School Board


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Modern Life


Tea and Flower