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Gordon Hirabayashi Library at EJCA    日本語の図書館案内はこちら


Vision: Increase access to knowledge of various aspects of Japan, Japanese-Canadians, and Japan-Canada relations. Create a space that welcomes exploration, reflection, and sharing.

Mission: Collect and share information in Japanese and English about Japan, Japanese culture, Japanese-Canadians, and Japan-Canada relations to support EJCA club activities and for the general interest of members.

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9am - 12pm 9 - 12pm 9 - 12pm 9 - 12pm 3 - 6pm By Appt. By Appt.

*Library may also be open if the Centre Manager or Library Committee Members are on-site. Call the EJCA Office at 780-466-8166 to check.

Borrowing books:
All EJCA members in good standing may borrow books or other items for up to one month. Checkout and return are self-service - see the binder labelled "Borrowing / Return" in the library.

Reserving materials:

  • Find out which material(s) you would like to reserve. The complete library material list is at Book List:
  • e-mail to with Subject as “LIBRARY MATERIAL RESERVATION”:
  • 1. list Material title and Material catalogue number together with your name and telephone number directly in e-mail, or

    2. download Reservation form, enter information, and attach the from to e-mail.

  • Library volunteers will check reservation requests every Tuesday and put your reserved materials in the “Holding” shelf at the Library with your name on it.
  • Library volunteers will contact you when a material is available at the library. It will be held in there for two week after we contact you.

Book List:
A list of current books, videos, music CD etc.

Book Exchange:
Items on the bookshelf outside the office are free for the taking. They are duplicates or other things that don't quite fit in our collection. Help yourself.

Web Resources:
See our favourite places to learn about Japan, study Japanese or just plain amuse ourselves with Japanese information.

See what members think about some of our books.




Susan Carnahan, wife of Gordon Hirabayashi, at the Library.