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Book: Songs and Stories of the Kojiki
Author: Yoko Danno
Contributor: extracted from the article in the Japan Times
Review: The “Kojiki”, Record of Ancient Matters, is Japan’s oldest collection of events from the mythological age up to the beginning of 7th century.
This book is a simplified version retold in English by Yoko Danno, a poet. Her aim was to convey “as best I could the simple dynamic and lyrical voice of the ancient People”: “The dancer deity Uzume, her sleeves girded up with hikage-creepers of the holy Kagu Mountain, … sang and danced in a divine trance, exposing her breasts and lowering her skirt down to her genitals….”
This version of the “Kojiki” does indeed convey something that might approximate the original voice in all of its unsullied innocence.

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