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Movie: Japan Today DVD, catalogue V

Review:Ten times a year, the Japanese Consulate sends us new episodes of “Japan Video Topics”. Each one shows short glimpses (3-5 minutes) of Japanese culture and life on four different topics. For example, 2006-2 (February) has: “City of Countless Faces” depicts the distinctive flavour of various wards in Tokyo.

“The Art of the Compact” shows how Japanese make use of space with imagination and aesthetic senses especially as applied to the use of nature in miniature settings

“Keeping the Expressways Safe” examines how high-tech electronics monitor and feed information to drivers to keep the world’s strongest expressway safe, open and repaired.

“Weaving Works of Beauty” tells about two Kyoto brothers who are a hundred plus years old, who continue to promote Nishijin weaving and recreating the Genji Monogatari picture scroll as well as Noh costumes using dyes that would last more that a thousand years.

Our library has many episodes on DVD, so why don’t you borrow a bunch to learn about Japan visually.

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