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1. Japanese Language Classes

The EJCA offers Japanese language classes to its members. There are some eligibility requirements to meet before becoming a student (listed on application form). The registration closing date of the 2017 Fall term is Thursday, August 31, 2017. Lesson plans for each level.

Classes: Ten Wednesdays from September 20, 2017, to November 29, 2017. (No class on September 27)

Time: 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

No textbook for Total Beginner

Textbook: "Genki 1" for Beginner-Intermediate and Beginner-Advanced (cost is $60)

Fees: $135 if you are enrolling in the Total Beginner or enrolling in the Beginner-Intermediate or Beginner-Advanced and you already have a textbook.

$195 for Beginner-Intermediate and Beginner-Advanced including a textbook



Total Beginner

  • No Japanese language experience is required
  • Some knowledge about Japan would be an asset.

Beginner - Intermediate

  • Able to read and write hiragana
  • Able to read katakana
  • Greet using simple sentences and wording
  • Count
  • Ask for/tell time

Beginner - Advanced


  • Use verb conjugations: masu-form, short form (present tense only) and te-form
  • Use adjective conjugations: negative, past and te-form 
  • State request, permission, prohibition, and offering of assistance   
  • Indicate the existence of things and people
  • Describe people’s appearances and characteristics 
  • State the purposes of of coming or going somewhere
  • State preference for activities


For registration:

1. Print, fill in and send an Application Form(PDF) together with a fee (cheque).


2. Download, fill in an Application Form (MSWord) and e-mail to . Pay a fee online using PayPal. Select a fee with or without textbook, click the "Buy Now" button below. You will be directed to a secure transaction page where you can use your personal PayPal account. Caution: Your application will NOT be accepted unless you send in or e-mail the form with payment.

Japanese Class Fee


2. Instructors for Japanese Culture Demonstrations/Presentations

The EJCA will provide Japanese culture related demonstrations and presentations. Examples include origami, tea ceremony, calligraphy, martial arts, Ikebana, Japanese dance, kimono and much more. Service charges will be applied.

3. Private Japanese Language Lessons

The EJCA will provide names of Japanese instructors for private lessons. The fee and other details must be decided between the student and the instructor.

4. Interpretation and Translation Services

The EJCA will provide the names of interpreters and translators for both Japanese and English. Service charges will be applied.

Please contact us for details.

The EJCA supports school programs.

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