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Argyll Community League (ACL) centre is also the home of the Edmonton Japanese Community Association (EJCA) and is situated on a large green space within the Argyll Sports Area. We consider it to be one of the finest public event facilities in the City of Edmonton. It is thoroughly maintained and supervised by a qualified individual with Board of Health Certification in food preparation. The facility serves both the local Argyll residents and the Japanese community in Edmonton all year long. Bookings for events can include everything from small company board meetings, staff parties, family get togethers, birthdays, picnics, barbecues, and larger events such as weddings, reunions, or dances. Our facility is regularly booked more than a year in advance so space is always carefully coordinated.

General description

The facility is a multi-use design allowing for concurrent events as well as flexibility with regard to the size of gathering and the nature of the event. Some of the space is cozy and carpeted with a softer and more home style atmosphere and others are more resilient and allow for dancing and performances. All areas in the centre are ground level and wheelchair accessible. Handrails are installed in the single washrooms in all areas.

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Main Hall

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This is a relatively small community hall. It is 1770 sq. ft. The floor is linoleum and the room is essentially square. It has room for a stage, tables, serving area for caterers and a Banquet seating capacity of 133 people. There are three washroom facilities; one for ladies, one for men, and another for disabled people. It is a very nice place to hold a gathering and the entire area is on one level. Details about tables and chairs as well as other features of the main entertainment hall can be found below.
  • Patio adjacent to Entertainment Hall
    On the outside of the main entertainment Hall is a new concrete patio area which can be accessed through either of the fire exits for the Hall. It is a large area and can be used with tables and chairs from the Hall. Some events may require more shelter for the patio and it can be used with an available Tent shelter. This area faces North and is most often shaded by the main Hall and the surrounding trees. The area beyond the patio is also part of the common area for the Centre and is available for use by people who want to combine some casual outside activities with their event.
  • Tables and Chairs
    The main entertainment Hall has the option of Round tables or Rectangular tables. The round tables measure 5.5 feet in diameter and are made with laminated wood and have folding legs. The rectangular tables are 8 feet long and 2.5 feet wide. All have plastic tops with folding steel legs. Tables are also kept in the lounge areas and the distribution of tables between all of the rooms is adjusted according to the needs of people holding events in any of the lounges or meeting rooms.
  • Portable Stage
    The main entertainment Hall has a portable stage in 6 sections which can be located anywhere in the room. Any of the sections (or all of them) can be used for elevating a DJ and their system, a performing group, or for head table arrangements at meetings and weddings. The surface of the stage sections are carpeted and they are built with sturdy folding legs standing approx. 12 inches high. The pieces can be bolted together for safety and includes a box-step which can be located anywhere around the assembled stage.
  • Acoustics
    The main entertainment Hall has been acoustically treated to enhance the comfort of people in the centre. Around the perimeter of the hall a "bass trap" has been installed to reduce the amount of low-frequency resonance (which produces headaches in many people). Along the ceiling there are hanging panels to absorb high-frequency resonance which can cause a person's ears to "ring" after listening to loud performances.

    Many performers have told us this is the best community centre they've been in and some groups have booked the centre for their own parties as a result. We believe this is one of the best acoustical environments for listening to speakers or music or even watching movies.
  • Lighting features
    There are a number of lights mounted on the walls of the main entertainment Hall which can be controlled by a dimming switch for extremely low-key lighting for an intimate atmosphere during a dance.

    Mounted permanently on the ceiling is a cluster of 500 Watt stage lights which are controlled by a portable dimmer pack and can be used for performances and for lighting the stage area even for speaking events. The lights can be aimed and coloured and they can even be made to switch on and off automatically from the controller. These lights are only available on request and there is a fee for their use.
  • Floors
    The floor of the main entertainment Hall is linoleum with a polyurathane finish. The lounges and meeting rooms are all carpeted. There is no dance floor as such. The linoleum floor is quite suitable for all kinds of informal dancing but is not suitable for Flamenco or ballroom dance.


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The kitchen is a Class II commercial design with commercial grade gas ovens, stoves, and grill protected by a flame suppression system and vent hood. The commercial dishwasher is a high temperature, high-efficiency machine with a 4 minute cycle in compliance with Health regulations for sterilization. The kitchen is rented separately and comes with 140 dinner place settings (including silverware) but does not include drinking glasses.

The Centre does not provide catering services but welcomes contract caterers into our kitchen. There is plenty of workspace and room for servers. Some areas of the kitchen are locked to prevent the use of special equipment kept for EJCA and Argyll clubs and groups.

Meeting Room

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The Meeting Room is a comfortable area which can easily seat 22 people. A large board room table is kept in the room and other tables can be arranged for use in the meeting area. This area can be separated from the Large Lounge with sliding glass doors (with a Shoji Screen treatment). The area features a nook with electrical power for hosting a coffee urn. Some of our picture collection is on display permanently in this area.

This area is ideal for small board meetings, small group activities, and for holding presentations in. There are 20 folding chairs available in the Meeting Room which can be combined with chairs from the Large lounge when necessary.

Large Lounge

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This area has plenty of natural light from windows as well as overhead fluorescents and some decorative lighting along the curved feature wall. This area has 20 stacking chairs available for meetings and casual events as well as a set of couches and chairs which can be arranged for your convenience. Additional chairs can be added for larger gatherings. This area can easily host 57 people. It is a bright, carpeted lounge located close to the kitchen and with a common area containing a closet for coats and boots. Washroom facilities and a baby change table are available for all visitors to the Large Lounge and Meeting Room area.

Small Lounge

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This small carpeted room is an addition to the Hall and is rented separately. It is ideal for a cozy children's room during parties or as a place to get away from the crowd. It has its own washroom and looks out onto the fields behind the centre. Access to the room is possible through the Kitchen and Bar Service as well as directly from the Hall. It has a seating capacity of 33 people.

Bar Service area

Image of the Bar Service
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The Bar Service comes with a large cooler sufficient to keep bottled beverages cold while serving. It also includes a small chest freezer for ice or other cold storage. The counter top includes a faucet and sink as well as room for two people to work side-by-side. The roll-up window allows service to the hall without contamination of the food preparation areas in the kitchen.

Rental Features

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There are a number of special options which can be provided to your event. The centre has an LCD projector and portable screen, a television and VCR with DVD, and a number of other smaller items which may help with organizing your event.

Coat rooms

Coat room doors in foyer
There is one large cloak room for the entertainment Hall which has half-doors at the entrance side for taking coats from visitors. There is enough room in this cloak room for more than 200 coats, hats, and pairs of boots. Some events in the large entertainment Hall use this area for taking tickets or storing wedding gifts.

Another closet is located in the foyer in the Lounge and Meeting Room area. This is a fairly large closet which can hold as many as 80 coats. It has large folding doors and plenty of shelf space above the hangers.


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The main entrance to the Centre contains a bulletin board for notices and announcements and it also can be used to keep wet footwear under control. Next to the main entrance is a small foyer between the kitchen and the lounges. This area is sometimes used for displays or registration for some kinds of events.

Power distribution

220 Volt power outlet image
A new fixture has been added to the Main Hall for groups requiring more electrical capacity than simple wall sockets will allow. A switched 220 volt plug is available for performers or groups wishing to install their own systems.

All other electric power is available through normal 110 volt household wall sockets. The Main Hall has distributed cir cuits of 15 Amp and 30 Amp capacity throughout the area. There is no electricity installed on the patio at this time.

Heating control

The air conditioning system for the entire Centre is a high capacity and high volume system capable of completely changing the temperature of any of the rooms within 10 minutes. These are high volume systems with very low noise and breeze effect. In winter the system is capable of maintaining a comfortable temperature in any area even with exit doors opening frequently. Separate controls are available for the Lounge area which operate independently of the settings in the large entertainment Hall.

Tables and seating

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For each of the Lounges and for the main Hall the seating capacity is calculated with regard to the number of people who can safely exit the building in a short time. The main hall has a maximum capacity of 133 people seated for dinner because of the layout of the centre and the location of available exits. The large Lounge area is restricted to 57 people seated, the meeting room is 22 people seated and the Small Lounge is restricted to 33 people seated. These numbers are different for events in which people are seated for a meeting and not around tables. The main hall's capacity is 172 people in rows of chairs and each of the lounges and meeting room have a capacity of 60 people in rows of chairs. This is an important consideration regarding the nature of your event and the best area to be choosing.

Fire and Security

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The Kitchen has a range hood with an automatic fire suppression system installed. At various locations throughout the centre there are CO2 Fire Extinguishers mounted on the walls and there is one additional extinguisher in the kitchen for chemical suppression. Extra extinguishers are available for events using our commercial barbecue outside the building and for other similar barbecue events. The centre's security installation is also equipped to detect fires and will automatically contact local stations when a fire is indicated.

Security responsibilities of our visitors includes keeping the Centre safe and ensuring only visitors to your event are allowed into the Centre. Although there are sometimes two simultaneous events occurring in the centre each group is responsible for controlling the activities of their own participants.

The centre has two security zones which are controlled by centrally located touch pads. Each event is awarded a temporary code which they can use to enter and exit the building. The centre is equipped with motion sensing devices is all areas and have sensors installed on all outside doors to detect intruders. The building is monitored by Telsco Security 24 hours a day and they respond to emergencies indicated by the system. The Centre charges $50 for each false alarm caused by either misuse of the system or a failure to follow the terms of the contract.

Clean up and supplies

Clean up is the responsibility of the participants who have booked the facility unless other arrangements were made prior to the event. Generally the requirement is to return the areas used to the condition they were in when you arrived. Accumulated trash is required to be moved to the outside bin and any leftover food or supplies will be disposed of following the event. Most aspects of cleaning are handled by caretaking staff on a regular basis.

Supplies of hand towels, toilet paper, kitchen towels and other amenities are kept in the Centre to replace any which may run out during the event. Trash can liners are made available to each event on an as-needed basis.

Small children

Small children are accommodated in the Centre in a number of ways. The Lounge area also includes a change table near the washrooms and there is a clear view to the playground from the Large Lounge and Meeting Room. Many of the events held in the centre include small children and it is important for us to keep them out of harm's way and still provide a stimulating and comfortable environment for them. There are no steps anywhere in the centre on which children may be injured. The entrance to the caretaker's area near the kitchen can be closed and secured to prevent small children from exploring it and all dangerous goods are secured in areas unavailable to a small child.

The Small Lounge can be used as a play area for children who are permitted to eat in the room, keep toys on the carpet, use video games or play other games in the room. The room is connected directly to the main hall and can provide a safe place for children to play while adults are dancing or enjoying their event.


Arrangements for decorating are simple and easy. The main hall is available for decorating for the full day of any weekend and ladders are provided for reaching higher along the walls or for accessing the ceiling and beams. There are plenty of places to hook or attach decorations in the hall and the wall surface has been painted specifically to allow the use of masking tape to attach decorations or posters. The ceiling of the main hall has some hooks in it which can be used to mount strings of lights or special decorations. We've even hosted a Pináta at a birthday party.

In both Lounges and the Meeting room there are no restrictions on decorating except in regards to the care of artwork already hanging in the rooms. These framed pieces are on loan to the Japanese community through Alberta Culture and require extra care and protection. Where necessary these works can be temporarily removed from the Lounge and kept safe elsewhere.

In the Large Lounge there is a curving display wall which has been specifically painted to allow for posting images, or displaying decorations related to your event. Other walls in the Lounge are not protected from adhesive tape in the same way and caution is recommended.

Outdoor events

The Centre has a canopy shelter available for rent which will be set up and taken down by the facility staff. This is a large canopy which can shelter a number of people from bright sunlight or a chance of showers. It is not authorized for sheltering any outdoor cooking. The centre welcomes any group who wish to rent their own separate outdoor shelter(s) from a commercial supplier. There is plenty of space surrounding the centre to accommodate large tent structures for special events.