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LCD Projector
$50.00 per event
36-inch television
$50.00 with VCR/DVD
VCR and DVD player
$50.00 with TV
Large commercial BBQ
$125.00 (propane is extra)
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Cable TV
Extension cords
available on request
220V power outlet
for large lighting setups
Coffee Nook
in meeting room
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Conference Table
seats 14 people
2, adjustable lecterns
Upholstered stacking chairs
(lounge areas only)
Ceiling speakers
in South Lounge
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Art work on loan from
Alberta Culture
Shoji style window
divides Lounge from Mtg Room
Low-key lighting in Hall
Variable brightness
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High frequency acoustic
treatment in ceiling
Stage lighting
$25.00 (hall only)
Stage Lighting controls
Separate washrooms
for special needs
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Baby change-table
Incidental speakers in hall
(not a PA system)
High-volume Air conditioning
very quiet
Lending library
(EJCA Members only)
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Wheelchair available
for emergencies
Full place settings
for banquets
10, Round Tables
dimensions shown
16, Rectangular Tables
dimensions shown
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150, Folding chairs
BBQ "open" configuration
BBQ on patio
outside entertainment hall
6 cooking burners
and two tanks

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