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EJCA through the four Seasons · 四季を通じてのEJCA

Each of the four seasons brings specific joys, events and holds different memories.  We would like to showcase selected photos that have a special relation to EJCA, our Centre or our members.


If you happen to have taken a picture that you would like us to include here, please send it along via email, addressed to , Subject: "EJCA Photos Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter 202x" and provide a brief comment!

ここに展示するのにふさわしい写真をお撮りになったら、メールでこちらへお送りください , Subjectは"EJCA Photos Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter 202x"と書いて、メッセージに短い題を入れてください。

Collection of all Photo Albums

 (Please click on the thumbnails to expand; then navigate through the album or click again to view the photo full-screen)


Were you looking for our plum tree / spring blossom photos? click here

春にお寄せいただいた会館の花と春の写真は、こちらからご覧になれます。click here

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