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Movie: Super Express Shinkansen

Contributor:John Priegert

Review: Ever since I was a boy on the farm, and watched the last of Alberta's steam trains cross our fields, I have had an interest in railways.  So when the opportunity came to view the first video in a series produced by NHK on the shinkansen of Japan, I was intrigued.

Volume 1 of the series is sub-titled "A Motorman's Platform Hi-Vision View", and is a good descriptor.  


The video contains some narrative, only in Japanese, but the majority of the 59 minutes is overview footage of different trains, stations, service bays, and control rooms.  The quality of the recording is high, as one would expect, and the graphical content easy to understand.

I finished viewing with 2 desires, to see the rest of the videos in this series, and to ride a shinkansen.

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