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Kimiko Shimizu Arts and Culture Development Grant

The Kimiko Shimizu Arts and Cultural Development Grant is awarded annually, for a total amount of $500, to support activities or projects with a strong cultural/craft component appropriate to the Japanese Canadian community. Applications are awarded based upon how the project benefits the Japanese Canadian community and how it benefits the applicant.

For example, applicants might study with a tea master, attend a taiko workshop, publish poetry, practice sumi-e, attend a haiku conference, collect historical artifacts, carry out a specific project (studying in Japan, developing special media), attend a karate dojo, conduct research, prepare a manuscript or attend a workshop or training to improve skills to be passed onto other EJCA members.

Criteria of Grant:

1. The application for the grant must be made by an individual.

2. The applicant must be a member in good standing of the EJCA for the past two years (which includes the current year). If the applicant is a student or child, then the applicant’s parents or guardian must be members in good standing for the past two years.

3. There is no age restriction for applicants.

4. There will be a three year waiting period before recipients of the grant will be eligible to apply for the award again.

5. Applicants must fill out the below application form which must be received at the Edmonton Japanese Community Association by the deadline date: October 31 (of the current year).

For questions please contact:

Chair: Scholarship and Awards Committee

c/o Edmonton Japanese Community Association,

6750 – 88 Street, Edmonton, Alberta T6E 5H6

and/or email

Please use this form to submit your Grant application: link to form   

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