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Online Japan Today 

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Japanese Culture  

April - June 2022

Since 2002 the EJCA has offered a school program Japan Today, at our centre or at the schools. We have designed it as a supplement to the Japan module of the Grade 8 Social Studies curriculum in Alberta.

We have implemented and offered online Japan Today program since January 2020. Because we cannot foresee whether the situation of Covid-19 will become better to the point it will be safe to hold in-person events at our centre by April, we have decided to continue offering our program online for the time being.

We offer three presentations. Our Japanese instructors will present each topic with a PowerPoint slideshow and video clips, including interactive activities for the students. The presentations invite the students on a short virtual trip to the Japanese culture: a unique, fun experience. We hope that this program will stimulate their interest in Japan and help them understand it better.

Japanese Language

Students will be introduced to the Japanese language system. They will learn several simple greeting words, such as konnichiwa, answer quizzes, and how to write their names in katakana (Mary メアリー). Studentsnames in katakana will be emailed to the teacher beforehand.

Social Studies

The slideshow presents the following topics: Please select one plan.

Plan A (30 min.): geography; Japan’s history;

Plan B (30 min.): advanced technology; contemporary life; students’ life;

Plan C (30 min.): includes all topics from Plans A and B.

A Japanese presenter narrates. The short quiz will be a fun challenge.


Students will create two origami works (kabuto: samurai helmet and balloon) with step-by-step instructions, culminating in the moment when two-dimensional paper becomes a three-dimensional object. Origami paper will be delivered to the school beforehand. Because we would like to make sure it arrives on time, please apply 3 weeks prior.

Date and Time

30 minutes per session

Monday to Friday, from April 1 to June 24, 2022

9:00-9:30; 9:45-10:15; 10:30-11:00; 11:15-11:45

1:00-1:30; 1:45-2:15; 2:30-3:00

For exact time schedules, please refer to the calendar below.

The start and end times can be flexible, so long as

 there is no conflict with other booking already made. 

Group size

Maximum 60 students

Fee:     $60

Online Tool 



An online connection will be established between the teacher’s and the presenter’s computers. Three views will be shared on the computer screen and can be projected on an available smartboard: the students in class as a whole; the presenter; the presentation slides.


    • Please choose one or multiple presentations for your class.
    • Please submit your application form by e-mail to japan.today@ejca.org at least two weeks (three weeks for origami) prior to the date you desire. We will send you a confirmation email.
    • If you have any questions or requests, please contact Yukiko Nagakura at  japan.today@ejca.org

      Calendar (April - June 2022)

      Application Form

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