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Shōgi Club · 将棋クラブ

Shōgi club is an EJCA club started in 2022.  We focus on learning and playing Shōgi, but are open to explore other Japanese board games as well. 

We seek to meet in person at least once per month in the EJCA Centre, but depending on schedules, we will also meet online or host online tournaments on

For the schedule of next meetings and events, please see the calendar below. Everyone is welcome to join one of our online sessions for free.

If you plan to join our onsite in-person meetings you will be expected to register and become both a Shogi club member and an EJCA member.
In order to help us to plan ahead please indicate your attendance in this simple form:

Please contact us if you would like to join and have any questions.

All Beginners are extremely welcome to pop in and join us for an introduction to the game! We are a small and happy bunch and would love to see more folks playing with us and improving their skills!

What is Shōgi?

  • It is known as the "Japanese Chess", and it has many features you will also see in traditional Chess, but Shōgi is in fact even more challenging
  • In Shōgi, once players capture an opponent’s piece, they can use that piece as their own—meaning that while Chess games on the whole get simpler as fewer pieces are left on the board, Shōgi games tend to get even more complex!
  • Shōgi has a history that can be traced back over 1000 years!
  • Shōgi is the "Game of Generals" and you will find lances, dragons, castles, kings...

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  • action down to the last seconds
  • Shogi boards and books
  • In our club, cake goes very well with Shogi!
  • Make your move!
  • Shogi boards waiting for players, at our ECJA centre!
  • board, pieces, tsume books - Shogi can be played anywhere and by anyone
  • Traditional pieces. We do also have 'beginner' sets that don't require you to learn Kanji...

What else do you need to know?

  • Club fees: 
    • One time registration fee/member: 20$ (helps us to acquire club equipment, game material, flyers, posters, ...)
    • half-year membership fee (Oct-Mar, Apr-Sep, paid upfront): 30$ (helps us to cover rental costs) (if you join mid-semester, will pro-rate accordingly)
  • Shōgi club members are also required to be EJCA members.

  • Equipment: we have Shōgi Boards, pieces, byoyomi-clocks available - but feel free to bring your own set as well. 
  • In order to record games for later analysis, you could bring a smartphone and use as an easy to use tool to record your (in-person) games - or use any other Shogi app that serves the same purpose
  • For instructions, puzzles and practice games online, we recommend you have a look at
  • Please do join our very own team on lishogi, so you can participate in online tournaments.
  • You could also explore the well-known 81dojo website for a large international crowd of players; and don't miss the Canadian Shogi Discord channel    

NEW to Shōgi?: You may find our flyer, the beginners presentation or Shogi etiquette primer helpful. Don't be afraid of the Kanji symbols on the pieces - you will learn to recognize them in a short amount of time and we also use piece sets that carry easy to read arrows/symbols that help you play right away on day 1! 

Curious how to think like a Shōgi master? - Here is a sample study!


Lénárd Grossmann

Phone: 587 879-1474  
(email preferred)

Club Registration form <link>

Meeting Signup form <link>

Shogi Rules flyer <download>

Listen to a brief history of Shogi:

Enjoy our brand new board game, combining Shogi with elements of Hanafuda!
Benefit from a 10% discount for friends of the Shogi Club!

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