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What is Iaido?

The most common explanation is "it is the art of drawing the sword". The purpose of Iaido is a self-development art. The focus is on mental presence, ability to react to a challenge, and maintaining a calm, ready state.

Iaido uses a standardized set of response-and-counterattack drills called Kata in an individual practice. Iaido is practised without a direct partner or opponent, with the target being an invisible adversary, provided by the imagination of the Iaidoka.

Our practice times are:

  • Sunday evenings from 7pm to 9pm (except long weekends and holidays)

The head instructor is Steve Munro, who holds the rank of 3rd Dan in Iaido with the Canadian Kendo Federation.

The Edmonton Iaido club is partnered with Edmonton's Kita Kaze Budo Association, and Calgary's Iaido club, Ka Muso Kai.


Steve Munro

Email: info@edmontoniaido.ca

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居合道で 3 段をもつ ムンロ スティーブンが指導してくれます。先生はカナダ剣道連盟で段を取りました。



Steve Munro


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