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Japanese Summer Camp

for Teens

The Edmonton Japanese Community Association is offering a week-long Japanese summer camp for teens. 

In addition to learning basic Japanese, participants will also have the opportunity to experience different aspects of Japanese culture such as Karate, Japanese traditional danceIkebana and more.

Date:  August 8th - August 12th, 2022 

Time:  9:30 am - 4:30 pm   

Location:  EJCA Centre                


What can you do in this camp?

Read and write in Japanese

Learn about the Japanese Warring States period

Practice Karate

Learn Japanese from Anime and Manga

Learn how to play Japanese card game (Hana-fuda)

and more fun stuff

Who can participate?

  • You are a grade 7 to 12 student (as of Sept. 2022)

    and you say "Yes" to any or all of the following

  • You are interested in Japanese language?
  • You love Japanese culture?
  • You like to participate in an exchange program?

Previous Camp Schedule

While we are confirming the precise schedule for the 2022 camp, find below a previous camp schedule as a representative example.


Mineko Koto

Japanese Istructor

Mineko grew up in Japan and has been teaching Japanese at EJCA as well as at the Faculty of Extension (U of A) for over 10 years. She also presents Japanese culture such as calligraphy, Japanese flower arranging and tea ceremony at EJCA. She enjoys sharing her knowledge about Japan.

Fukuko Gordon

Japanese Instructor

Fukuko was born and raised in Tokyo. For the last several years, she has worked with EJCA as an assistant for cultural events and she is also a Japanese language instructor for adults. She holds a San dan (third degree) in Japanese Calligraphy.

John Priegert

Karate Instructor

John Priegert has been teaching gojuryu karate since 1981, to children, youth and adults. He is certified by the International Karatedo Gojukai Association of Japan and is also certified as a karate coach with Canada’s National Coaching Certification Program. He enjoys helping people of all ages understand the values of traditional karate within a modern context.


Register here online: Teens Summer Camp - Japanese Language and Culture   

Registration closes August 1st 2022!

Feedback from previous campers

  • Thank you for letting me sing “Suna no Oshiro” -Halina

  • It’s always lots of fun coming to this camp. -Rafael
  • This camp was an excellent experience. We were able to learn about Japanese culture & language. It was very very enjoyable. ありがとうございました。-Ian
  • The teachers were very understanding about my anxiety and had a safe quiet space for me to go to the library and it allowed me to enjoy the camp without getting overwhelmed Thank you! ありがとうございます!-Julianne
  • I really enjoyed the language classes and being introduced to the different aspects of Japanese culture. I can’t believe camp is already over. -Kimiko
  • This is the best camp I have been to. I loved everything about it and I would love to come again next year. -Zoe
  • It was fun and educative while still being fun. 10 out of 10. -Balthazar
  • Overall, very good camp. Temaki Sushi (Japanese Taco Sushi) was really good. -Hiroto
  • You helped me learn more about Japan! Next year, I want to bring my sister! -Claire
  • I had so much fun at this camp! Thank you for your kindness and understanding. The classes were informative, and all the activities and guest presenters were so interesting. ありがとうございます。-Brianna
  • It was fun, but the mornings killed me. I am a night owl. -Izzy
  • I felt comfortable after two days. I was scared first, but after knowing the people here, the activities we did felt like our bonds grew. The teachers are very patient with students. -Shekinah
  • I’m just a weeb with a rocket launcher, and I approve of this camp. ありがとう-Isaac
  • My favourite part of camp was doing the calligraphy! -Gracie

    • “砂のお城”を歌わせてくれてありがとう。-ハリナ

    • このキャンプに来るのはいつも楽しいです。 -ラファエル

    • このキャンプは素晴らしい経験でした。日本の文化と言語について学ぶことができました。とても楽しかったです。ありがとうございました。 -イアン

    • 先生たちは私の不安について非常に理解してくれて、図書館で安全で静かなスペースを確保してくれたので、疲れることなくキャンプを楽しめました。ありがとうございます!-ジュリアン

    • 私は日本語のクラスと日本文化の色々な側面を紹介の時間がとても楽しかったです。キャンプがもう終わったなんて信じられません。 -キミコ

    • 私が行った中で最高のキャンプです。全部最高だったし、来年もまた来たいです。 -ゾーイ

    • 楽しいだけではなく、教育的だった。 10点中10点-バルサザー

    • 全体として、非常に良いキャンプ。手巻き寿司はとてもおいしかったです。 -ヒロト

    • 日本について沢山知ることが出来ました!来年、妹を連れてまた行きたい! -クレア

    • このキャンプはとても楽しかった!親切にしてくれて理解を示してくれてありがとう。クラスは分かりやすかったし、すべての活動とゲスト講師はとても面白かったです。ありがとうございます。-ブリアナ

    • 楽しかったけど、朝はつらかった。私は夜更かしです。 -イズィー

    • 2日過ぎたころから、快適に感じました。最初は不安もありましたが、皆のことを知り始めると、キャンプを通して皆との絆が強くなるのを感じました。先生方は生徒に寄り添ってくれました。 -シャカイナ

    • 私はロケットランチャーを備えた日本のアニオタです。このキャンプにとても満足しました。ありがとう-アイザック

    • 私の一番のお気に入りは書道でした。-グレーシー


    Please contact: japanese_summer_camp_for_teens@ejca.org

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